Product Photography


Product photography prices.

For small (individual) item photography at Lovelylight Images, there is usually a charge per item photographed. If we do the work on location, then our normal hourly rates apply.

Images (plain background) are supplied on CD (£5) or DVD (£6) in full res (300 dpi) sRGB JPEG (other formats are available to order).

Images are colour corrected, and manipulated as necessary to be made fit for purpose. Additional specialist image manipulation (Photoshop) is by prior arrangement and depends on the type of work undertaken. It is charged on an hourly basis at £87 per hour or part thereof.

Prices per item (excl. VAT).

  • 1 item £33
  • 2-6 items £25
  • 7-9 items £23
  • 10-20 items £18
  • 21-49 items £15
  • 50 items or more - POA

For two or more images of the same item - 50% reduction (i.e. for 10-20 rate the first image of the item would be £18, while subsequent shots of the same item would be £9).

A group of small objects normally counts as one item - for larger groups, please contact us.

Volume pricing is based on number of items, and is on a per-session basis (i.e. one item photographed each week for ten weeks is charged at ten times the 1 item rate).