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Ordering photographs


All photographs are available to buy either simply mounted in an ivory mount, or mounted and framed in a distinctive recycled full grained wooded frame.


Photographs are printed in one standard size which is detailed on the photograph description when you click to see the full image in the gallery.  Each photograph is then mounted in an ivory mount and the frames used are described in the frames section.




Post & Pack










It is important to stress that each frames is unique and has been chosen to complement the photograph.  We believe the frames we choose are right for each printed photograph and that you will be pleased with the result.


If you would like a larger or smaller print please send us the dimensions (don’t forget to keep to the same proportions) and we will provide you with a quote for your specific requirements.  Our larger frames are also wooden recycled and mount card is ivory unless you specify otherwise.


In short – let us know what you want and we will match your requirements.
All you have to do now is to tell us the title of the photograph you would like, send a cheque made payable to Lovelylight Images for the right amount (don't forget to include postage) and leave the rest to us.  Our address is in the contact us section.


Thank you

Glyn Reed